A Memoir? At 22?

I have to say when I heard a young man by the name of Connor Franta was writing a book I was excited. Mostly because the young “Youtuber” has been a favorite of mine for years. BUT I was concerned when I realized that this memoir, A Work In Progress, was being written by a man who was so young that maybe people wouldn’t take it seriously and just disregard the book as “just another book written by some famous kid about how hard it is to be them.” So, being interested and hopeful that Connor Franta could pull a memoir out of thin air at 22 I decided to buy the book. It had to at least be entertaining, right? Well, I have a few things to say about this book beyond the 140 characters on twitter.

First of all, the design of the book itself is incredible. It is so visually pleasing that I kind of wish every single book looked like this. Why is there a triangle on the cover? Who knows? But it works.
The stories that line the pages are incredible and surprisingly normal. Everything from temper tantrums from childhood to opening up about awkward first kisses to truly paving the way to find who you really are is what I got from reading this. It was a quick read, not because of things being too simplistic but because it was just that enjoyable. The opening pages really do suck you into the book, not allowing you to stop until you read just one. more. chapter. There was a perfect mix of seriousness and humor, which I find crucial in anything I read. An obvious amount of thought was put into the creation of every single sentence, probably a lot of pacing and frustration at times too. Hey, writing is hard. It takes skill to do properly. When you read this book you feel a sort of connection to what is being said. If you have ever thought of having a career that is off the beaten path than you will understand the feeling of having that dream crushed by someone who says you are not being practical. Honestly, this memoir made me confident in choosing whatever career I thought was right for me. It touched on how life is literally all you have. You have one life and you shouldn’t waste it by playing it safe because that’s what everyone says you should do. It is truly inspirational, not cheesy in the slightest either.
Lastly, the title. A Work In Progress. It truly is a fitting title. Everything is a work in progress, but you have to start somewhere.

I really recommend reading this book. Buy it! You will not be sorry. (Psst: There’s even an audio book if you’re not into reading much.)


Stay Flawless,
Xoxo Em


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