An Explanation

So, I went to college. I finished my freshman year of school and then ran into some family trouble. Normal stuff, ya know. Plus college is really expensive. So expensive that even all the scholarships, and aid I received were unable to help me enough so that I could continue. I mainly stopped posting on this blog because I was busy at school, but once I stopped going to school I had no real reason to not post other than this: I didn’t want to. I had nothing to share anymore. I had hit a lot of firsts while going to college, but once that year was over, and I realized college wasn’t going to be the path for me, I was lost about what to even say to anyone. That’s really why I stopped doing everything I had started before I left for school. I stopped youtube cold turkey, even leaving three videos I had started editing unfinished. I had no motivation to finish them. I have to find motivation inside of me to even open that account on my laptop again, but maybe one day I will.

Anyway. A few months after I stopped going to school I got the chance to put some of my life back on track. I got a job. A low paying job, but a job at least. I think I’ve become much happier since I started all of this two years ago, and that’s why I wanted to start back up. I have no idea what I’m doing, or where my life is headed, or what will happen tomorrow, let alone ten years from now. I’m lost, confused, but blissfully free of any urgency to figure it out right now. I plan on adventuring, living, not just standing still. And that starts with me letting go, and starting over. Which I have begun to do. So, I am back here. Documenting what I can, and capturing on camera what I can’t describe with words alone.

If anyone feels lost, feels like they don’t understand anything, or is having major anxiety about your future, know this:

Everyone is confused as hell. Some people are just better at hiding it than others.

I have no idea what I’m doing either,


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