Brush Crush

Okay guys OBVIOUSLY I was far too lazy to edit together the tutorial I filmed so I’m writing a (late af) post about something to make up for my absolute lack of motivation:

I have a few that I absolutely love and are some of the most useful things I’ve ever bought! I thought I’d share some of my experiences, and love of these fabulous brushes, to make up for not posting the video up this week.
I was going to edit the video and put it up (a day late but still this week), but I kept putting it off. I am the Dan Howell of blog posts who promises regular uploads and FAILS.
(No shade to Dan he’s great)
Okay, let’s get started!
First I’m going to talk about the beauty blender. Everyone is using this little sponge, and I bought the ten dollar one from walmart. It works great, and I use it for my concealer everyday!
Now that I’ve addressed that…
Retractable kabuki brush by EcoTools! $9.99
It is one of the softness mother f***ers I’ve ever used in my life! It is dense enough to do it’s job while also being super soft. The case keeps the brush free from dust and such as well!
Prismatic Oval Brush Set from MODA! $16
These brushes are so beautiful I can’t believe my eyes! They look beautiful, and are so soft! They are also cruelty free and 100% vegan!
Wet n Wild Large Eyeshadow Brush! $.99
Boy was this brush a bargain! And it does everything I need it to do without a fuss! It’s a good brush! And the price makes it even better! Wet n Wild has a great line of brushes that are affordable that everyone should check out!
INSPR 282 eye fluff! $12
I got this brush in my ipsy package, so I didn’t purchase it, but I fell in love with it immediately! It does wonders for blending, and I can’t believe I ever did my makeup without its help!
LUXIE Pink Small Angle 215! $14
I also got this in my ipsy package, but I love how useful this brush is. It’s also really cute! Super soft, and very easy to clean! I love that this brush is one of the smallest that I own because it helps with small details in your eye makeup!
Sorry this one was really short, and not too interesting, but there’s not much you can say about brushes other than that they work! All of these work, and I recommend these brands. Ipsy tends to open my eyes to lots of new brands that are cruelty free, which is really helpful!
I hope you feel happy today!

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