It’s a gosh darn makeup tutorial

I had over an hour of footage to edit together, and this took me two days to film, two hours to edit, and two hours to export in order to make it viewable!! I’m glad it’s finally up because I literally put off editing this video for  days because I have no motivation… it’s fine. I know I’m not an expert, and the faces I make while putting on my makeup are awkward, but this was fun so I hope you enjoy!

Why anyone would sit through twenty minutes of me speaking is beyond me, but I’m glad you have that kind of patience.

If you do want to visit my social media it is under the page “Want To See The Rest Of My Life?”

Comment how many times I say “it’s fine” in this video because it was a lot.

Hope you have fun watching me fumble through this “masterpiece”!

(It’s a good link, and it took a really long time to upload so I hope it’s a damn good link)

It’s a Gosh Darn Makeup Tutorial



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