I Bought This Shit

I want to start doing monthly recommendations of stuff and things. I don’t want to do only makeup products, but I want to just recommend stuff I liked that I got new throughout the month. It’s been done before, I know, but I want to do it, so STRAP IN!

The Avengers:


I know this movie is SUPER OLD, and you may be thinking “I hope this bitch didn’t JUST SEE THIS MOVIE.” I’ve actually been neck-deep in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years, and this movie is one of my favorite movies of all time, but I just purchased the movie this month. It was a really good deal! $20 for both The Avengers and Age Of Ultron! So I bought it, and fell in love with it all over again.

Warm Vanilla Sugar Spray from Bath and Body Works:


My Aunt gave this to me as a “I kinda love you” present! I like sweet scents that have a bit of warmth to them, and this is exactly everything I’ve ever wanted in a scent. I know, another super old product that I’ve recently fallen in love with! SUE ME!

My fish’s fish tank:


I bought it because he really needed a bigger one! It used to be so dark, and small, and sad, but now it has color, and life, and he’s killing it in this tank! He has some silk plants coming in the mail soon so it will be even better in a few short days! He’s still getting used to it, but once he does it’ll be amazing!

Connor Franta’s “Validate Me” Sweatshirt:

If you know anything about me, you know I love my Connor Franta products! From his books to his music compilations, I just can’t seem to get enough! This sweatshirt IS THE MOST COMFY MOTHERFLUFFER IN THE WORLD! I’m so in love with it. The color is gorgeous, it fits my aesthetic, and is so on brand for me it isn’t even funny. The price tag had me sweating, but I felt like a million bucks once it came in.


Surprisingly I think that’s all I’ve bought this month! That was a short one, but it was filled with goodies! I wish I had a coupon code to give out for stuff, but alas, I don’t! Just words, and opinions, and this little blog 🙂

As always:

Stay Classy, Sassy, and Smart Assy



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