In a galaxy far far away…

When I said I was the Dan Howell of blogs? Well, I wasn’t lying. A month without uploading she comes back with a review. That no one even asked her for! It’s no a challenge to do!

im planning a makeup haul very soon, but I got a new eyeshadow palette in the mail, and I wanted desperately to share it with you my thoughts only hours after receiving it.

Ulta recently took on bh cosmetics, and I was pretty happy about it. I’ve had my eye on their Galaxy Chic eyeshadow palette for about a year, and trying it out (while earning points, and the option to return it if I hated it) was hard to pass up.

Of course I bought it. It’s a steal! At first glance the packaging is stellar! It’s so pretty, and lightweight.


Its pretty damn cute, right! Well what’s inside is even cuter!


Look at those shades! They’re so bright, pretty, round! My makeup geek heart was bouncing around when I saw them! Plus being obsessed with space and the moon and the stars and nighttime I was smitten with the names (space themed. Awesome).

Now for the swatch review.


(Taking cute aesthetic pictures of makeup swatches isn’t my best skill in life, but I tried!)

my first disappointment was that they were all shimmery  if you f*ck with glitter than this is your sh*t, but I only use glitter as a high impact brightness on my eyelid. Aka I use one glitter per look. Color pay off is decent, not as good as more high end products, but still good. They are a bit powdery, and because they are filled with shimmer fallout happens. The glitter isn’t all bad! I can see myself using these colors in looks, just not using the whole pallete for one eye look! Pigmentation is pretty decent too!

Overall review is a 6/10

Price puts this product in a pretty good spot because I didn’t lose a ton of money on this. The colors are beautiful, and pigmentation isn’t lacking too much. I do wish there were some matte colors mixed in here so I could use the whole pallete to make a look, but I can use the shimmers to highlight my eye looks a bit!

Owning this for the the novelty of it is worth blowing the 15 bucks, but if you hate glitter, or have your eye on something a bit pricier you want, I’d sit this one out.


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