So here’s the thing… I’m terrible about uploading on time. You all know this already, but here’s the other thing… today is my birthday. And the one thing I want to do is a Birthday haul! The problem is that not all of the things I got for my birthday have arrived yet, so I’ll be actually doing the birthday haul once everything is in my possession. (some of these things are gifts to me from me because hey I make my own money I deserve to buy myself a present.) I will do that post, then I’m going to do my May Favorites, a makeup haul, an updated makeup routine post (because my god has it CHANGED), and a skin care routine post because WHY NOT! So that’s my plan, and this post is literally just to tell you the plan so that you don’t feel like you’re wasting your time on me (which you are I’m the worst).

Okay! Have a good day, lovelies!


Em ❤