Spooky Month

Happy Halloween, everybody! Well, Halloween is in a little under a week, but I’ve already done some work on creating a costume, and becoming a character! I like dressing up as a character, taking pictures, and living in their mindset for awhile. I’ll do 4 this year, and I would really like to be able to put the pictures here for you guys to see! The first one we have here is Little Red Riding Hood, but with a twist! Little Red knew exactly what she was doing when she let the wolf in, and once she got him where she wanted him there was no way the wolf would escape. If she got a few scratches in the process what really is the big deal about that?

This costume is easy! If you really want her to wear a dress than any white dress will do. I wore black leggings, combat boots, a white button down, and a red hooded sweater. I wanted Little Red to be a bada*s! The scratches are made from three strips of glue that I then let dry almost completely, then took a tooth pick and put a stripe down the center. I then proceeded to cover the glue in foundation, and took red face paint to put the bloody line down the center. I spruced up the wounds with some black, brown, and purple paint to make them look more realistic. I have this special sponge type thing that makes it look like blood spatter so I used that too. I also gave myself a black eye using yellow, purple, and black face paint. I’m allergic to latex so that’s why I used glue. This took awhile, and I didn’t have long enough to let the glue dry fully before putting my makeup on so it isn’t as realistic as I would have wanted it to be, but I’m happy with the result.


Hair Higher Than Your Standards (cont.)

I did it again! I did the mask today, and have several reactions that I would really love to share with you! First of all, I noticed about 90% less hair coming out when I washed the oil out today, which is amazing! I have super thick hair so I always experience quite a bit of fallout, but that has changed drastically. It is good to note that I did dye my hair a month ago, so fallout, and breakage should be pretty prevalent, but I’m not really experiencing that. My hair is so soft, so shiny, and has grown much faster than it ever has before. My hair feels strong, and I can’t believe that just a month of daily changes has made me feel this much better about the state of my hair. typically hair only grows half an inch every month, but as you can see in a month it has grown much more than that. Another thing I have noticed is that my skin looks so much better now that it did before, and my nails have grown much quicker than usual. I took a picture immediately after waking up, and brushing it, right before I put the egg portion in my hair. If you have kept up on these post, you know exactly what I’ve been doing. I recommend doing these things if you want to see a major difference in your skin, nails, and hair:

Eating right. Eat lots of greens, and vegetables. I tend to make sure I get a serving of vegetables at every single meal. I also have been cutting back on meat, and replacing meat with protein in smoothies, and in my vegetables.

Drinking water. I drink a 16 oz water bottle then fill it up about three times throughout the day. I also drink things like hot tea, and coffee. You should typically get 60 oz of water daily, but I’ve found that drinking 48 oz has kept me hydrated, helped my skin, and made my body feel better.

Oils. DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR EVERY DINGLE DAY. I can not stress this fact enough. I wash my hair every three days. If my hair is particularly clean I’ll stretch it until it is absolutely necessary to wash it. You want to brush your hair at night to spread those oils through your hair. your natural oils are great, don’t neglect them! Use coconut, and argon oil occasionally. I use it about every other wash day depending on how my hair feels. If my scalp needs some love I definitely use it. Make sure you wash it all out. Leaving some in will make your hair look oily, and dirty. If your hair demands extra moisture then try not washing it out as thoroughly as I would. If your hair just soaks up all the oil it can find then it probably is dry, and desperately in need. Let it live!

Conditioner. I condition my hair every single time it is wet, and that is not negotiable. I also use a leave in conditioner after washing. My hair is thick so it needs that moisture. I use It’s A 10 leave in potion plus keratin. It is pricey, but I can’t function without it. I ran out about a week ago, and ordered some online, and my hair has been different without it. I swear by this stuff.

I have tried my best to keep things as natural as possible in the pictures. That’s why I don’t use makeup to cover my dark circles, or imperfections. I want to show exactly how doing this effects you. I wouldn’t recommend these methods, or keep up on this series of posts if I didn’t believe it really worked. My issue with watching other people do this is that I always had trust issues, thinking that they were lying to me. I wanted to know for myself what everything really did for you. This is why I started this. I wanted an honest, in depth, description of everything. The truth of the matter is that this method is not the only thing that helps hair growth. This method, plus all the little things I do daily to help my body produce hair in a healthy way, is why my hair has grown, and looks so much healthier. This isn’t just about forcing hair growth. This, from the very beginning, was about making my hair strong, and healthy, so that it could grow. My senior year of high school I became obsessed with growing my hair, and used tons of shampoos, and serums that damaged my hair beyond repair, and I grew my hair out to the middle of my back, but most of it was completely dead. I really hurt my hair back then, and have spent a lot of time trying to repair it. It truly started back in May when I cut all of my dead hair off, and fell in love with my short hair. It felt healthy, and looked strong. I wanted my hair to grow back stronger, and keep it healthy. I’ve ranted for awhile, but it has been a month long journey, and I just wanted to write a longer post to celebrate how much good one month can do! Trust me, I wouldn’t lie. It works! (The inversion method isn’t my favorite thing, but adding it in can help your scalp, and all that! I just don’t like to do it, personally.

Anyway, thank you for sticking with me throughout this process, and we’ll see what the next few weeks brings!

Stay classy, lovelies!




Hair Higher Than Your Standards (cont.)

I’m giving a biweekly update on how things are going, and I just have to say that I’m loving this. I’m seeing so much less fallout, and breakage. My hair feels soft, and taken care of. It also appears to have gotten much longer than it was before. Honestly, guys, I’m adoring this, and will continue to do this for quite awhile. One thing I do think I would change is that I wouldn’t use the coconut oil every single time you wash your hair. At least, don’t use as much as you do during the mask. Use, at most, a tablespoon (that’s with argon oil as well.) Here are the pictures comparing all three images. Keeping it up to date with the hair growth process! One side of my hair appears longer than the other because one side of my head I see having a thing where it is way curliest than the other. I don’t know why, but I’m just going with it! Next week I’ll be doing the hair mask again, and I’ll take pictures before and after doing that then write a post, and you’ll be able to see what happens!

Stay classy, lovelies!