Spooky Month

Happy Halloween, everybody! Well, Halloween is in a little under a week, but I’ve already done some work on creating a costume, and becoming a character! I like dressing up as a character, taking pictures, and living in their mindset for awhile. I’ll do 4 this year, and I would really like to be able to put the pictures here for you guys to see! The first one we have here is Little Red Riding Hood, but with a twist! Little Red knew exactly what she was doing when she let the wolf in, and once she got him where she wanted him there was no way the wolf would escape. If she got a few scratches in the process what really is the big deal about that?

This costume is easy! If you really want her to wear a dress than any white dress will do. I wore black leggings, combat boots, a white button down, and a red hooded sweater. I wanted Little Red to be a bada*s! The scratches are made from three strips of glue that I then let dry almost completely, then took a tooth pick and put a stripe down the center. I then proceeded to cover the glue in foundation, and took red face paint to put the bloody line down the center. I spruced up the wounds with some black, brown, and purple paint to make them look more realistic. I have this special sponge type thing that makes it look like blood spatter so I used that too. I also gave myself a black eye using yellow, purple, and black face paint. I’m allergic to latex so that’s why I used glue. This took awhile, and I didn’t have long enough to let the glue dry fully before putting my makeup on so it isn’t as realistic as I would have wanted it to be, but I’m happy with the result.


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