The Devil is in the Details

I was the devil for Halloween! I made those wings myself, so if you would like to know how I did it than leave me a comment, and I’ll do a post on just the wings alone, but right now I”m going to focus on how exactly I became the devil for a day! (My exes might say I became the devil way before this, but we’ll ignore them!) I ordered this red bodycon dress from Forever 21 because it was on sale, and the silk one I kept trying to find just never crossed my path. This dress was $20, but I did leave the tags on and return it because I hated the fabric. I just needed it for one day, and I was strapped for time (and cash) so I did end up returning it after taking these pictures, and going with a red skirt and black top I already owned for the real party. Anyway, I already owned the tights, and I meant to wear a diamond chocker necklace that I owned as well, but forgot to! That’s the real disappointment here. The horns were three dollars at Walmart, and they have sequins on them, and I actually bought them way before I decided to be the devil for Halloween. (Refer back to the joke about my exes.) The wings were the most expensive part of this costume(although they were under $50 to make), and also the most impressive! The makeup for this was also really easy, but I think it pulls the whole look together! I will also do a full makeup tutorial if you want that as well! I used the Modern Renaissance palette, and an Urban Decay eyeshadow for my eyes, and a dark blood red Too Faced liquid lipstick to add just the right amount of drama. My thinking was this: The devil was once an angel, and is inherently beautiful, and tempting. That’s what I was thinking when going in for this look. I wanted wings so big and beautiful that it would be tempting to touch them, and a costume that screamed “I’M EVIL DISGUISED AS EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED!” I really loved this costume, and this makeup look is something I would wear as an everyday look, but I would probably swap the lip for a less dramatic color since the eyes are so bold, or vice versa. All together the entire look cost me about $43 (since I returned the dress, and ended up using things I already had.) Like I said before, if you want to know how I made the wings, or if you want the makeup routine please leave a comment below, and I will do posts on those things for you! Hope your Halloween was as spooky as mine was!

Stay classy, lovelies!





  1. thegarsowtwins · November 1, 2017

    Such a cute costume! xx, Britta & Carli from


  2. Lauren's Life · November 1, 2017

    Those wings!!

    Liked by 1 person

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