Hair Higher Than Your Standards (cont.)

It’s back! It has been 21 days, and since then I have done the mask another time! I’m going to be honest with you, I was supposed to wait another week, but I’ve been through hell these past two weeks, and just really needed a pampering day. I’m actually very satisfied with the mask today, and have added a few new things to my routine that I want to share with you! First of all, my hair needed serious help this month. I could just feel how dirty it was, and how dry it felt by the ends. I’m coming up on needing a trim, so that’s probably why, but I’m going to put it off for another few weeks until I can spare the cash to get it done (we’ve all been there, haven’t we.) This month I have slacked on my diet, drank far less water than I should be, and have just been throwing my hair up in a holder because I am just that lazy. October was a busy month for me, especially with makeup, so I’ve been putting my skin through hell as well. I’m just not winning this month, but, like I said before, we have all been there. Today I woke up, threw on sweatpants, went to the grocery store, and then settled in with my hair mask, and video games. It was quite relaxing, honestly. It made me feel much better. The coconut oil was quite runny today so I had plenty to rub into my face, and hands as I went through my day. There really is no way to get the oil to go away other than just rubbing it in, trust me, I’ve tried. This doesn’t matter all that much, though, because coconut oil does wonders for your skin, your eyelashes, and eyebrows. If you’re trying to strengthen those face coats then coconut oil is wonderful for it! My hair was dirty today when I put the eggs in it, and I let it sit on for an extra ten minutes because I found myself preoccupied, and away from my timer. When I washed it out I shampooed, and conditioned my hair. I used the 3 minute miracle conditioner from Aussie. I only have this conditioner because I got it on sale. Three in a pack for three dollars. That’s absolutely unheard of! So, I left that in for the three minutes then rinsed it out, and all the egg was gone, and my hair was soft! So, after letting it dry I added the oils then sat, and just played video games for the entirety of the day. It was very cathartic. I washed it out, and conditioned, after 5 and a half hours, put my leave in conditioner in, and have been letting it dry for about two hours. I forgot to take a picture before doing the mask, but did take a picture on November 1st that I’m using as the before. I had actually taken it so I could write an update post, but I didn’t end up writing it, so I’m using it now! As always my hair is soft, and lovely, and my scalp feels so good I can’t even find a bad thing about it. I’d like to point something out to you, because I never thought about it until now. My hair is always very full of volume after this mask, even more so than usual. I do brush my hair before taking the before picture so that you can see it without my waves, as my hair would typically look after being washed and let air dry same day. My hair texture bounces between being wavy, and curly. I do not put heat to my hair so my hair texture is always natural in these photos, and rarely is styled. What you see is what my hair looks like when I brush it, before my waves set in again. I just wanted to point that out because the first three pictures I used I didn’t brush my hair out, but I began doing that after the last time, because I realized that with how my hair is inconsistent I need to brush it to make sure the documentation is accurate. My hair feels stronger every time, and is really hitting a good path where it feels strong everyday, and I’m not losing hair like I used to. My hair is being pampered to the max, and I highly recommend you guys do this mask. I am coming up on trimming time, but I’ll lead with that whenever I do it so that no one is confused. Okay, now that I have that out of the way, let’s get on to the pictures. As you can see the picture from November 1st (the one with the striped shirt), my hair looks much shorter, but that is because it wasn’t cooperating, and my waves were just not going away. I’d refer to the picture right before it for a more accurate depiction of growth. I swear, guys, one day I’ll take a picture with makeup on for this, and it’ll look like I went from a baby to a 20 year old in a month. To give you an idea about time frame for this I did the first treatment on September 14th, and it is November 8th. It has only been two months of this, three treatments in total, and the growth I’ve experienced has been insane! No extensions, no lies, no secrets! I’ve been completely real with you guys about this, and have absolutely no reason to try to deceive you! I try to say that every single time, because I want to be sure it is understood.

The next post I write I want to be something other than this, but I’m not quite sure what I want to do yet. I know I really need to update my favorites post, because it has changed DRAMATICALLY! I also am throwing around the idea of doing a Christmas thing for December, but I’m still not sure what I want (I know. I’m so decisive, and you guys always know what’s coming next. It’s incredible how prepared I am.) If you haven’t seen my posts before, hello! I’m Emily, and I’m consistently inconsistent, so enjoy your stay! I write about fashion, hair, costumes, and makeup! Go check out my last post, linked below! If you want to see where this all started I’ve linked to that as well! Follow my social media to see the rest of my life! As always:

Stay classy, lovelies!







The Devil is in the Details

Hair Higher Than Your Standards


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