Hair Higher Than Your Standards (cont.)

I’m giving a biweekly update on how things are going, and I just have to say that I’m loving this. I’m seeing so much less fallout, and breakage. My hair feels soft, and taken care of. It also appears to have gotten much longer than it was before. Honestly, guys, I’m adoring this, and will continue to do this for quite awhile. One thing I do think I would change is that I wouldn’t use the coconut oil every single time you wash your hair. At least, don’t use as much as you do during the mask. Use, at most, a tablespoon (that’s with argon oil as well.) Here are the pictures comparing all three images. Keeping it up to date with the hair growth process! One side of my hair appears longer than the other because one side of my head I see having a thing where it is way curliest than the other. I don’t know why, but I’m just going with it! Next week I’ll be doing the hair mask again, and I’ll take pictures before and after doing that then write a post, and you’ll be able to see what happens!

Stay classy, lovelies!




We Never Go Out Of Style

I’m so excited to do this, you’ve got no idea! If you didn’t read my first post about this you should totally go do that beforehand. So I’m going to start off with something I wear very often. Whenever I want to be comfortable I go ahead, and grab this outfit. It’s perfect for running errands, or going to amusement parks. Pair this with a plaid shirt, or sweater, and tights, and you could wear this in the colder months.

I got the overalls at Old Navy for $19.99, the shoes for $3 at Goodwill, and the shirt at Target for $6! (The smile was priceless by the way 😊) I’m a sucker for a good sale, so most of the time my clothes are pretty cheap. It takes me awhile to build a functional wardrobe.  This is a great spring time outfit, and it’s functional for those days right before fall really hits when the weather is freezing in the morning, and you’re sweating by lunch! I like this outfit because it makes me feel good about myself. I don’t find myself tugging at it, or feeling insecure. Old Navy makes great overalls, and I recommend trying them on in store before buying them. I sized down because the ones in my size hung off of my body in a weird way. I know overalls go in, and out of style like nobody’s business, but I think they are a cute, and functional part of anyone’s closet. They come in a variety of colors, and styles, and you can do yard work in them as well as just romp around the town! I’ve never worn overalls before this year of my life so this was so different for me, but I ended up loving them! I bought a pair from modcloth that were gorgeous, but were way too tight. I felt squeezed into them, and just plain uncomfortable. Old Navy makes a good stretch overall  I like to call their style “Mom Chic.” If you’ve never tried overalls before go ahead, and try them out! Try something new! Clothes are meant to be fun, and express who you are! Wear what you want, and have fun!

(I wear this outfit more than I would like to admit.)

Stay classy, lovelies!



We Never Go Out Of Style

Hey guys! So, fashion has not always been the easiest thing for me. I have body issues, and have ever since I was a little girl, and I used to use clothes to hide my body. Not there’s is anything wrong with wearing only T-shirts and shorts when you can, but I did it because I was ashamed of myself.  I made my mom buy me clothes two sizes too big for me, and hide my body for the longest time. I always felt ugly, and I still am working on my body issues, and I’ll talk about that in another post sometime, but I wanted to start a new thing here, and am just kind of announcing it with this post! I want to start posting outfits that I think are super cute (and tell you where I bought them), and just having some fun experimenting with clothes. About three years ago I started taking more time, and paying more attention to how I dressed, and I have come a long way since my t-shirt days. I feel like this will be fun, and it would be nice to give some advice about clothes, and finding a style that works for you! It would be cool to have someone who hasn’t been a fashionista their whole life giving advice on how to find your style, even as a young adult just starting out. Things I hate about makeover shows on tv are surrounded around shaming people for dressing comfortably, and making it seem like it has to be a fashion show every time you leave the house.  That won’t happen here. I wear casual clothes just as often as I dress like a fashion blogger, and that’s okay. I’m just going to show you my style, and you may not even like my style, but it works for me. Maybe you’ll find a piece that would really work for you, and maybe you won’t. It’s all for fun, everybody! Anyway, I’m calling it “We Never Go Out Of Style” because that’s a great Taylor Swift song. If anyone has any cool shops to find clothes, or has any ideas for something that might look better with a piece than what I’ve paired with it go ahead and comment! I’m here for constructive criticism because I am still learning. I love getting comments from people about how I could step up something in my life! It helps us all grow as people if we help each other. This post got super lengthy, and all, but that’s okay. See you all next time with an outfit!

Stay Classy, lovelies!



Hair Higher Than Your Standards (cont.)

So I have several feelings about this little treatment I did yesterday. For one: my hair is now really really soft, which is great. I’ve measured a few separate pieces of my hair to see if it grew any, and I have to say that it actually grew a tiny amount. It wasn’t the inch that it promised, but it still does appear to be longer. I can especially tell by my roots. Since I did dye my hair I can see extra growth that wasn’t there the day before because of the color difference. Next time I may take pictures closer to my roots as well so that it might be more apparent whether it worked or not. It was a long, boring process, but I have to say I think it was worth it. I don’t really know if it worked the way it said it would, but I’ll let you guys look at the pictures, and decide. I do have to say that with all the oils I put into my hair that day that it feels a bit weighed down, which may contribute to it looking longer. My hair is really thick, so I never have a problem with it appearing slicked to my head. I did just get it thinned out when I got my hair cut because it was reaching uncontrollable thickness territory, and thinning it out a bit lets it grow into itself a bit nicer. Anyway, enough about my weird hair preferences. Here’s the pictures I took:

The first one was taken the day before the treatment. Dry. The second one was the same day of the treatment. Dry. Ignore how ugly I look, please. I basically look like terrible, and angry because A) It has been a really long few weeks, and I’m just over it, B) I’m not wearing any makeup bc it was my one day off this week and I didn’t want to, and C) I was trying to keep my expression neutral so I looked pretty much the same in both photos, and my neutral expression makes me look like I might be a serial killer. Check out my instagram to see more attractive photos of me: (slipping in that promo like a damn pro… ignore me) Aaaaanywaaaaay I’ll continue doing the inversion method, and stuff I described in my first post about this. Should I update on this biweekly? I feel like weekly might be too much, but biweekly might be the right number for this. For the next three months at least you’re stuck with this journey, and we’ll see how this turns out.

Hair Higher Than Your Standards

That title is aggressive, and has nothing to do with what I’m going to do. Typical. I do remember letting you guys know that I am the Dan Howell of blog posts. It has been a few months, but I saw something that I really wanted to try, and rather than trying it, and seeing if worked all by my lonesome I decided I would post results here!

So here’s what’s happening: I chopped my hair off in April. I loved it, and the summer months were great with 14 inches of my hair gone. Now, though, it’s at a bit of an awkward length, and I put highlights in it, which was an ill thought out decision, but I’m growing to like them if I’m being honest. Mostly because the toner my stylist put in it makes it look exactly like my hair did before (I’m a wreck, sue me). I looked for natural ways to help my hair grow in healthy, and strong, that didn’t involve taking a pill or putting on a serum. What I found was a lot of youtube videos claiming to have found a way to grow your hair 1 inch over night. Complete bs if you ask me. I was so curious about it that I decided I should try it. I took a picture of my hair yesterday while it was dry, and measured it this morning before doing the treatment. My hair is a little less than 9 inches long when measuring a piece from the back. I’ll upload the pictures, and write a reaction to the treatment sometime within the next few days so that you can see the pictures side by side.

The treatment (which, if you’re trying to grow your hair out, you’ve probably seen already, and maybe tried) is two eggs, three tablespoons of oil, and a tablespoon of honey (optional). You take that mixture, and rub it into your scalp, then throughout your hair. Leave it in for 25-30 minutes, then wash out with cold water. I used two tablespoons of olive oil, one tablespoon of argon oil, and I didn’t use honey. After washing it out take two tablespoons of warm coconut oil, and massage it into your scalp for 6-10 mins, then rub it throughout your hair all the way down to the ends. Leave it in for 8 hours, then wash out. And like magic your hair is now an inch longer.

I watched so many videos on this, and it “works” for some people, and doesn’t for others. I looked up some science behind it, and found that eggs, and oils are great for hair growth, and strong hair! Someone said that the oil helps the hair slide out of the scalp easier (weird sounding, but sciencey I guess.) I watched a youtuber who seemed trustworthy, and she swore up and down that it worked for her. Me, being a try it or live not knowing type person, needed to see it for myself. I’m currently sitting with the coconut oil in while writing this, so I’ll be strapped in for the next 6 hours and 22 mins according to my timer. I’m going to write a disclaimer that I’m not leaving it in for a full 8 hours because I have somewhere to be tonight, and have to be washing this out by 4:30, so it’ll be in my hair for a total of 5 hours probably. I don’t know how long it’ll end up being until I get there so I’ll let you know exactly how long I left it in when I write the reaction post.

Now, I have my doubts about it growing a full inch, but I will say that from everything I’ve read this is an amazing mask for your hair. Doing it once or twice a month is PLENTY to help your hair be healthy. Even if it doesn’t show major growth results it’s still great for your hair, so I’m going to do things a little bit different than other people have.

I looked up a bunch of tips, and natural tricks to help your hair grow faster, and what I’m going to do is add these tips into my life for about three months. Here’s what I”m doing exactly:

The inversion method. Every night before I go to bed I’m going to be flipping my head over, and massaging my scalp for 4 minutes. On days I wash my hair I’m going to massage with coconut, and argon oil, and then leave it in for an hour before washing my hair. I’m only going to be washing my hair every three days. So if I wash my hair on a Monday I won’t wash my hair until Thursday. I’m also only going to do this hair mask once a month, because protein overload is not a good thing for your hair’s health! I’m also adding foods into my diet that promote hair growth. I’m adding things like almonds, oranges, spinach, sunflower seeds, almond butter, chia seeds, and at least one egg a day. I’ll also never be going to bed with my hair wet, and will be braiding it before bed. I saw a lot of pills you could take, but I really wanted to try to see if there was a solution that didn’t involve taking a pill twice a day. Someone even said prenatal vitamins help hair growth, but that seemed excessive to me. I’m just trying to make my hair super healthy, and add some length to get past the awkward length I’m at now.

In conclusion I’m not only going to do this mask once, and shut it down, or build it up. I’m going to do this mask once a month, do the inversion method, and eat foods that promote healthy hair growth. Every month I’ll update you guys on how much my hair has grown. I’ll post pictures, and the measurements so you guys can know I’m not lying to you about whether it works or not.

Let me take you through what I did today, and how it felt. I got up this morning, and spooned out two tablespoons of coconut oil. I boiled water in the kettle, and put my oil in a small glass, then put that glass into a bowl. Then I poured the boiling water around the cup so that the heat from the water melted the oil naturally without compromising any of its make up. DO NOT MICROWAVE THE OIL. It breaks up some of its healthy minerals (from what I’ve read.) Then I got to work making my egg mixture. I put two eggs, two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, and one tablespoon of argon oil in a bowl, and beat the mixture until it was completely smooth. Then I went to my bathroom, and bent over the tub, massaging the mixture into my scalp before rubbing it through my hair. It was very sticky, and definitely didn’t feel amazing on my head, but I put the shower cap on anyway, and strapped in for my wait time by watching an episode of Supernatural. Luckily I only had to keep it on for 25 minutes. Then I went to the shower, and conditioned it out of my hair so I could be sure all the egg was out. A conditioner is completely fine to use. Then I let my hair air dry for 20 minutes. Once my hair was only slightly damp I took my now melted coconut oil, and massaged it into my scalp for ten minutes, then I rubbed it all throughout my hair. I made sure to use all of it, completely soaking my hair. Once that was done I wrapped it up in a shower cap, and am now watching some more Supernatural, and will probably cook, read, and play The Sims 4 for awhile to pass the time.

It’s really rainy outside, and I picked a great day to do absolutely nothing with my life, but sit here with coconut oil on my head. I will say that when I washed the egg mixture out of my hair I could have sworn I already saw a difference, but it could just be my hope for it. Like I said before, even if it doesn’t really work, I know I’ll be doing this monthly because it’s amazing for your hair’s health. After the three months I’ll be showing you, hopefully, the difference three months of some rules made to my hair’s thickness, health, and growth.

I’ll update you all soon, and wish me luck!

Stay Lovely




So here’s the thing… I’m terrible about uploading on time. You all know this already, but here’s the other thing… today is my birthday. And the one thing I want to do is a Birthday haul! The problem is that not all of the things I got for my birthday have arrived yet, so I’ll be actually doing the birthday haul once everything is in my possession. (some of these things are gifts to me from me because hey I make my own money I deserve to buy myself a present.) I will do that post, then I’m going to do my May Favorites, a makeup haul, an updated makeup routine post (because my god has it CHANGED), and a skin care routine post because WHY NOT! So that’s my plan, and this post is literally just to tell you the plan so that you don’t feel like you’re wasting your time on me (which you are I’m the worst).

Okay! Have a good day, lovelies!


Em ❤

In a galaxy far far away…

When I said I was the Dan Howell of blogs? Well, I wasn’t lying. A month without uploading she comes back with a review. That no one even asked her for! It’s no a challenge to do!

im planning a makeup haul very soon, but I got a new eyeshadow palette in the mail, and I wanted desperately to share it with you my thoughts only hours after receiving it.

Ulta recently took on bh cosmetics, and I was pretty happy about it. I’ve had my eye on their Galaxy Chic eyeshadow palette for about a year, and trying it out (while earning points, and the option to return it if I hated it) was hard to pass up.

Of course I bought it. It’s a steal! At first glance the packaging is stellar! It’s so pretty, and lightweight.


Its pretty damn cute, right! Well what’s inside is even cuter!


Look at those shades! They’re so bright, pretty, round! My makeup geek heart was bouncing around when I saw them! Plus being obsessed with space and the moon and the stars and nighttime I was smitten with the names (space themed. Awesome).

Now for the swatch review.


(Taking cute aesthetic pictures of makeup swatches isn’t my best skill in life, but I tried!)

my first disappointment was that they were all shimmery  if you f*ck with glitter than this is your sh*t, but I only use glitter as a high impact brightness on my eyelid. Aka I use one glitter per look. Color pay off is decent, not as good as more high end products, but still good. They are a bit powdery, and because they are filled with shimmer fallout happens. The glitter isn’t all bad! I can see myself using these colors in looks, just not using the whole pallete for one eye look! Pigmentation is pretty decent too!

Overall review is a 6/10

Price puts this product in a pretty good spot because I didn’t lose a ton of money on this. The colors are beautiful, and pigmentation isn’t lacking too much. I do wish there were some matte colors mixed in here so I could use the whole pallete to make a look, but I can use the shimmers to highlight my eye looks a bit!

Owning this for the the novelty of it is worth blowing the 15 bucks, but if you hate glitter, or have your eye on something a bit pricier you want, I’d sit this one out.

I Bought This Shit

I want to start doing monthly recommendations of stuff and things. I don’t want to do only makeup products, but I want to just recommend stuff I liked that I got new throughout the month. It’s been done before, I know, but I want to do it, so STRAP IN!

The Avengers:


I know this movie is SUPER OLD, and you may be thinking “I hope this bitch didn’t JUST SEE THIS MOVIE.” I’ve actually been neck-deep in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years, and this movie is one of my favorite movies of all time, but I just purchased the movie this month. It was a really good deal! $20 for both The Avengers and Age Of Ultron! So I bought it, and fell in love with it all over again.

Warm Vanilla Sugar Spray from Bath and Body Works:


My Aunt gave this to me as a “I kinda love you” present! I like sweet scents that have a bit of warmth to them, and this is exactly everything I’ve ever wanted in a scent. I know, another super old product that I’ve recently fallen in love with! SUE ME!

My fish’s fish tank:


I bought it because he really needed a bigger one! It used to be so dark, and small, and sad, but now it has color, and life, and he’s killing it in this tank! He has some silk plants coming in the mail soon so it will be even better in a few short days! He’s still getting used to it, but once he does it’ll be amazing!

Connor Franta’s “Validate Me” Sweatshirt:

If you know anything about me, you know I love my Connor Franta products! From his books to his music compilations, I just can’t seem to get enough! This sweatshirt IS THE MOST COMFY MOTHERFLUFFER IN THE WORLD! I’m so in love with it. The color is gorgeous, it fits my aesthetic, and is so on brand for me it isn’t even funny. The price tag had me sweating, but I felt like a million bucks once it came in.


Surprisingly I think that’s all I’ve bought this month! That was a short one, but it was filled with goodies! I wish I had a coupon code to give out for stuff, but alas, I don’t! Just words, and opinions, and this little blog 🙂

As always:

Stay Classy, Sassy, and Smart Assy


It’s a gosh darn makeup tutorial

I had over an hour of footage to edit together, and this took me two days to film, two hours to edit, and two hours to export in order to make it viewable!! I’m glad it’s finally up because I literally put off editing this video for  days because I have no motivation… it’s fine. I know I’m not an expert, and the faces I make while putting on my makeup are awkward, but this was fun so I hope you enjoy!

Why anyone would sit through twenty minutes of me speaking is beyond me, but I’m glad you have that kind of patience.

If you do want to visit my social media it is under the page “Want To See The Rest Of My Life?”

Comment how many times I say “it’s fine” in this video because it was a lot.

Hope you have fun watching me fumble through this “masterpiece”!

(It’s a good link, and it took a really long time to upload so I hope it’s a damn good link)

It’s a Gosh Darn Makeup Tutorial


Brush Crush

Okay guys OBVIOUSLY I was far too lazy to edit together the tutorial I filmed so I’m writing a (late af) post about something to make up for my absolute lack of motivation:

I have a few that I absolutely love and are some of the most useful things I’ve ever bought! I thought I’d share some of my experiences, and love of these fabulous brushes, to make up for not posting the video up this week.
I was going to edit the video and put it up (a day late but still this week), but I kept putting it off. I am the Dan Howell of blog posts who promises regular uploads and FAILS.
(No shade to Dan he’s great)
Okay, let’s get started!
First I’m going to talk about the beauty blender. Everyone is using this little sponge, and I bought the ten dollar one from walmart. It works great, and I use it for my concealer everyday!
Now that I’ve addressed that…
Retractable kabuki brush by EcoTools! $9.99
It is one of the softness mother f***ers I’ve ever used in my life! It is dense enough to do it’s job while also being super soft. The case keeps the brush free from dust and such as well!
Prismatic Oval Brush Set from MODA! $16
These brushes are so beautiful I can’t believe my eyes! They look beautiful, and are so soft! They are also cruelty free and 100% vegan!
Wet n Wild Large Eyeshadow Brush! $.99
Boy was this brush a bargain! And it does everything I need it to do without a fuss! It’s a good brush! And the price makes it even better! Wet n Wild has a great line of brushes that are affordable that everyone should check out!
INSPR 282 eye fluff! $12
I got this brush in my ipsy package, so I didn’t purchase it, but I fell in love with it immediately! It does wonders for blending, and I can’t believe I ever did my makeup without its help!
LUXIE Pink Small Angle 215! $14
I also got this in my ipsy package, but I love how useful this brush is. It’s also really cute! Super soft, and very easy to clean! I love that this brush is one of the smallest that I own because it helps with small details in your eye makeup!
Sorry this one was really short, and not too interesting, but there’s not much you can say about brushes other than that they work! All of these work, and I recommend these brands. Ipsy tends to open my eyes to lots of new brands that are cruelty free, which is really helpful!
I hope you feel happy today!