So I’m doing as I promised last week: putting down my favorite products that I use on my face. When I do my makeup I literally beat my face. I either look like I’m going to a ball, or I’ve done every drug in the world. That’s my look. So I’m going to start with the first step, and work my way up!


Symphony Beauty Snow Cream Moisturizer

I like this one because it feels like water on my skin, not sticky, not thick, just a nice smooth layer. My skin always feels hydrated. It’s a great way to create a base for your makeup routine.



ELF Mineral Infused Face Primer

This one is a dupe for the Smashbox HD primer, and I was skeptical at first, but I fell in love with it. It keeps my makeup from sliding around, and I will never use anything else. Any Elf primer will do. They have a few different ones for specific problems. Like, if you’re battling redness, or something. Check. them. out.


Concealer: (I don’t use foundation because I haven’t found one I like yet)

NYX HD studio photogenic concealer in Fair. It’s a great concealer and it’s not expensive. I use it everywhere except for under my eyes! It’s a great match for me!


LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer in Natural. This is also another price conscious brand, and I can’t find it in stores, but I bought it online! I was worried because I couldn’t swatch it before buying it, but it is true to the color you see online.


it Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye full coverage anti agin waterproof concealer in Light. I got this in my ipsy.com package, but I instantly fell in love with it. It means it when it says it’s full coverage! It’s a little too light for me (since I don’t use any foundation), but it covers my dark circles, and when I mix it with the LA Girl concealer it is my perfect shade! This one will be a bit more pricey if you decide to buy it, though. I only use this one under my eyes.


I use three ( I know I”m extra.) Each for different things. I need three because I am in between skin tones, and have to mix them together, but these shades and formulas work for me. They last all day, and don’t cake up! If you don’t want to spend that kind of money on the Bye Bye under Eye the other two brands work just as well!

Powder: (I’m changing it, because it is not cruelty free, but until I find one I like I’ll be using this one) Maybelline New York Shine Free loose Powder in Light

It keeps everything in place. It’s soft. I like it.


Blush: Show me Your Cheeks by Elizabeth Mott Shade: Peach Pink. It is perfect for my skin tone, and undertones, and it’s pretty much the only blush I use at the moment!



Bronzer: The Balm: Bahama Mama. I also got this from my ipsy.com package so I did not have to spent the big bucks to get it, but I do love it! It doesn’t look like dirt on my face like some bronzer does! The packaging is also cute!


Highlighter: Dirty Little Secret: Bellissima baked highlighter. Dirty Little Secret is one of those brands that feels like an expensive brand, but isn’t. I don’t leave the house without highlighter on, and I absolutely love this one! It has a red tone to it, so if red tones don’t do great with your skin tone, or makeup looks, I don’t recommend it, but I do absolutel love it!


Lip primer: NYX lip primer: LPR01 Nude. I wear a lot of liquid lipsticks, so I needed a primer so it didn’t slide around on my lips as much! I prep my lips with a chapstick first, then after that is set a bit I put this on top! Works well! Just like if I had only used the lip primer! I do my lips last so as I’m doing primer I put on the chapstick, then after I’ve done my skin work I put on this primer.


Eye primer: Urban Decay Original (nude). I got a bunch of these little packets with my Naked 3 palette, so I’ve just been using whichever one isn’t empty. This is the current one I’m using! The primers do work well, and make sure my eye makeup stays on throughout the day! I’ve done my makeup in the morning, and it has lasted until after partying at night!



Naked 3 by Urban Decay. I love this palette! It was the first big makeup purchase I ever made, way back when I first started doing my makeup, and I use it daily! It’s Rose Gold so if that’s not your thing I wouldn’t recommend getting it, but Rose Gold and pinks are my thing, so it’s perfect for me! I really love doing a more dramatic eye since I keep the rest of my face less done up. The package is also really cute! It’s 56 dollars, and so are all their palettes, so if you don’t want to spend that much I totally get that! I just really wanted to make this purchase (for years I pinned after it) so I bought it! Never looked back!





Eye liner:

NYC Liquid Liner in black. I use this to do the line across my lid! Super easy, to use, and stays on all day! I’ve been using it for years (I know that’s gross I should probably change it, but makeup is too expensive to switch everything out all the time!)


Essence Kajal pencil in 04 white. I put this in my water line to brighten up my eyes, and make them look bigger. It works great, but I do have to reapply it maybe twice a day. It’s really cheap so I”m certainly not complaining!


Wet n Wild proline felt tip eyeliner: 875B Black. This is what I use to do the wing on my eyeliner! It doesn’t flake very often, and stays on all day, no matter what I put it through! This brand has gotten me through a lot of troubling times when I was finding out how exactly to do this painting on my face thing!


Mascara: Big Fatty by Urban Decay. I got this for ten dollars during a sale and have fallen in love with it every single day! It took me awhile to get used to how much it coats your lashes, but once I did it was heaven. It makes them look so long, and full, it’s amazing!


Lashes: Kiss (Three Pack). There is a very simple reason why I bought these in the first place… they were the cheapest for the most. These fit my eyes perfectly, no trimming needed, and are so beautiful on my face! After coating them with mascara they look natural (even though they aren’t!) They also come with a pair of tweezers for easy application.


Lash glue: Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive with Aloe in Black. I use this one because I don’t like the way the “white to clear” ones look on my eyes! Also this glue dries really fast, and doesn’t irritate my eyes. It’s also really easy to pull off after a long day! I’ve never hurt myself with this stuff, so I do recommend it.


Lipstick: I use two when I do my everyday makeup. I just choose a color based on how the rest of my face looks, and my outfit!

Dirty Little Secret Shade: Vengeance

This is a purple tone, and it looks great for fall! It feels good on my lips, too! I do have to reapply maybe once or twice throughout the day, but it stays on really well!



Mellow Shade: Nude (Matte). I love this one because it’s a nude tone, but a darker one, and it looks really good on my face! I also really like the tube it comes in! If I do reapply it I only do it once. This stuff really lasts!


Liquid lipstick: Trust Fund Beauty. Shade: K, Bye. Words can not describe how much I love this! A pinky nude that honestly makes everything look so put together I want to make it permanent on my face. (Not really, but you get the point.) I tried to look for this shade on the website, but they were no longer making it, and I actually was so disappointed. Trust Fund Beauty makes other great shades, though!


Setting Spray:

NYX Matte Finish Long Lasting Setting Spray. I was using Urban Decay setting spray, but it’s really pricey, and this stuff works better than Urban Decay’s (I know who would have guessed), and is much less expensive! They also have a spray for a dewey finish, if you like that look on your face! I thoroughly recommend you look into getting some of this if you’re trying out setting sprays!


Next time I think I said I’ll do a makeup tutorial of my basic, everyday makeup! So I’ll be using each of these products in that so you can see how I do my face daily! 🙂 I use a lot of products, but I really like how I do my makeup! Makeup should be fun! And you should do it however you are most comfortable doing it!

Also you shouldn’t have to spend a million dollars on products to beat your face like a pro! Drug store brands look just as good, and work just well, as high end makeup! Maybe after my initial tutorial I’ll do a drug store products only tutorial to show just how similar it really is!

If you have any good recommendations for products that are cruelty free and you’ve liked that I should try out please leave a comment below! I desperately need to find a foundation, and I would like a powder so if you know of anything out there that’s good I would love to know!

(Sorry some of the pics are upside down I left writing the to the last minute, and didn’t really have the time to fix the pictures… it’s fine.)

Have fun, babes




Let’s talk about makeup!

I’ve gone cruelty free! Makeup brands that are cruelty free, are so important to me, and I’d like to talk a little bit about them, and why you should all do it, too! I started realizing that animal testing went against everything I believed in morally, and I wanted to start taking steps to eliminate it from my life! I started with something important to me, makeup! Ulta is a great place to go to find cruelty free items, and if you ask an associate you can find some things that are on the cheaper side! One of my favorite drug store brands is NYX! They have fabulous products, and are a great bargain. If you like your makeup on the “high end” side I suggest looking on cruelty kitty to find a brand that’s right for you! This website publishes a list yearly about all beauty brands (not just makeup) so you can live a cruelty free life style! Another great source is ipsy.com! For ten dollars a month you can get five products shipped to you based on your preferences! All of the products are cruelty free, and I have not been disappointed yet! With February starting tomorrow I figured I would do a recommendation of products I use in my face routine! I’ll post that tomorrow, and hopefully soon I’ll do a makeup tutorial with the products I recommend!

I’m not saying anyone will even be interested in it, and I know I am no expert, but it’ll be fun, so I’m doing it anyway!
Makeup is fun! And there are no rules that you absolutely have to follow! Any person, of any gender, and any sexuality can wear makeup or choose not to wear makeup! It’s all up to you! If you aren’t that experienced I would recommend checking out the tutorial I’m going to attempt. Because I’m a mess, and you’ll feel better about yourself!

Stay flawless, friends!


An Explanation

So, I went to college. I finished my freshman year of school and then ran into some family trouble. Normal stuff, ya know. Plus college is really expensive. So expensive that even all the scholarships, and aid I received were unable to help me enough so that I could continue. I mainly stopped posting on this blog because I was busy at school, but once I stopped going to school I had no real reason to not post other than this: I didn’t want to. I had nothing to share anymore. I had hit a lot of firsts while going to college, but once that year was over, and I realized college wasn’t going to be the path for me, I was lost about what to even say to anyone. That’s really why I stopped doing everything I had started before I left for school. I stopped youtube cold turkey, even leaving three videos I had started editing unfinished. I had no motivation to finish them. I have to find motivation inside of me to even open that account on my laptop again, but maybe one day I will.

Anyway. A few months after I stopped going to school I got the chance to put some of my life back on track. I got a job. A low paying job, but a job at least. I think I’ve become much happier since I started all of this two years ago, and that’s why I wanted to start back up. I have no idea what I’m doing, or where my life is headed, or what will happen tomorrow, let alone ten years from now. I’m lost, confused, but blissfully free of any urgency to figure it out right now. I plan on adventuring, living, not just standing still. And that starts with me letting go, and starting over. Which I have begun to do. So, I am back here. Documenting what I can, and capturing on camera what I can’t describe with words alone.

If anyone feels lost, feels like they don’t understand anything, or is having major anxiety about your future, know this:

Everyone is confused as hell. Some people are just better at hiding it than others.

I have no idea what I’m doing either,

So here’s a thought that I forgot to mention

I’m going to post something new on here every Tuesday because I apparently need a schedule to get my life on track. So by the end of the week you will have an explanation of where I have been for two years, and next Tuesday you’ll have new fresh content about something I care about.

Can’t wait to get started!

It has been awhile…

I feel like I’m always apologizing for being inactive, but hey, at least I’m consistent. I’ve got a lot to say about how the last year and a half has been, and it’s about time I’ve said it. I thought when I started this blog that it would feel like an online diary, but maybe I was wrong about that. Now I think it will be a bit more direct with its intentions. I want to talk about fashion, maybe continue on the youtube channel I started a year ago, and form a mature place to talk about social issues. Fresh starts sound like the thing for 2017, so here’s mine. A fresh start. A new path. A different way. And I’m ready, I hope everyone else is too.

Stay woke, my friends



Moments in Snapshots


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There's a brand new way I'm going about life and it starts with a photo shoot.

There’s a brand new way I’m going about life and it starts with a photo shoot.

A Memoir? At 22?

I have to say when I heard a young man by the name of Connor Franta was writing a book I was excited. Mostly because the young “Youtuber” has been a favorite of mine for years. BUT I was concerned when I realized that this memoir, A Work In Progress, was being written by a man who was so young that maybe people wouldn’t take it seriously and just disregard the book as “just another book written by some famous kid about how hard it is to be them.” So, being interested and hopeful that Connor Franta could pull a memoir out of thin air at 22 I decided to buy the book. It had to at least be entertaining, right? Well, I have a few things to say about this book beyond the 140 characters on twitter.

First of all, the design of the book itself is incredible. It is so visually pleasing that I kind of wish every single book looked like this. Why is there a triangle on the cover? Who knows? But it works.
The stories that line the pages are incredible and surprisingly normal. Everything from temper tantrums from childhood to opening up about awkward first kisses to truly paving the way to find who you really are is what I got from reading this. It was a quick read, not because of things being too simplistic but because it was just that enjoyable. The opening pages really do suck you into the book, not allowing you to stop until you read just one. more. chapter. There was a perfect mix of seriousness and humor, which I find crucial in anything I read. An obvious amount of thought was put into the creation of every single sentence, probably a lot of pacing and frustration at times too. Hey, writing is hard. It takes skill to do properly. When you read this book you feel a sort of connection to what is being said. If you have ever thought of having a career that is off the beaten path than you will understand the feeling of having that dream crushed by someone who says you are not being practical. Honestly, this memoir made me confident in choosing whatever career I thought was right for me. It touched on how life is literally all you have. You have one life and you shouldn’t waste it by playing it safe because that’s what everyone says you should do. It is truly inspirational, not cheesy in the slightest either.
Lastly, the title. A Work In Progress. It truly is a fitting title. Everything is a work in progress, but you have to start somewhere.

I really recommend reading this book. Buy it! You will not be sorry. (Psst: There’s even an audio book if you’re not into reading much.)


Stay Flawless,
Xoxo Em

Hello world!

A young girl, a blog, and a dream.
This will be an online diary, of sorts, of all the things I have come to love. I’ll review products, turn you guys on to new ones, and share my life with you one post at a time. Enjoy your stay! Have fun!
Xoxo Em